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‘Watch Dogs’ control options, DLC and season pass updates posted

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Jonathan Morin has posted several updates relating to the upcoming multiplatform video game, “Watch Dogs.” According to a report from Gamepur on April 25, the creative director first confirmed that the controls in the open-world action-adventure title can be customized. Players will be able to invert the controls of the right analog stick. Furthermore, they can also switch the functions of the trigger buttons around.

The new options should satisfy all members of the gaming community. For example, a few members of the population prefer to aim with the non-inverted analog while others favor the opposite. Additionally, a few gamers may want to use R1 to shoot instead of R2. Providing options should get rid most of the complaints relating to the controls.

Jonathan Morin also reconfirmed that Ubisoft is planning several DLC packs, along with a season pass, for “Watch Dogs.” He promised that more details in regards to the future expansions should be announced sometime next week. A recent listing from GameStop provided some general details at what to expect, however, as players should be able to purchase new missions, weapons as well as a new campaign featuring a character other than Aiden Pearce. The season pass also includes some exclusive contents in addition to providing a discount as opposed to buying every expansion separately.

Announcing DLC packs and a season pass early could agitate some fans who thought they would be getting the entire experience after paying the initial purchase price. The aforementioned season pass is priced at $19.99 while the standalone video game has a price tag of $59.99. You can find an image of the aforesaid Aiden Pearce from the Ubisoft Twitter page with the photo located to the top of this article.

The PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One iterations of “Watch Dogs” will be coming out in one month on May 27. Wii U fans shouldn’t expect to play the same game until sometime in the fall season. Ubisoft is the company that is responsible for developing and publishing the multiplatform video game. You can order the video game from in the following link: “Watch Dogs.”


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