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Watch – dad warns boys who will be dating his daughter – trained to kill!

Let’s just say that any prospective boy who would be interested in dating this man’s daughter better get a head start and see this video. That’s right, according to the Blaze; this dad is issuing fair warning to all suitors who might be looking his daughter’s way, because he means serious business. Jesse Parent is his name and being a father that loves his daughter gives the video the viral launch it deserves.

dad warns boys who want to date his daughter
photo credit - Kiss 925

Parent is a slam poet and he was presenting a message at the 2014 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational this past month and it caught fire in a hurry! He got down to business in a hurry by stressing, “Since before her birth, since before my spark took hold and ignited the fire in her mother’s belly, I have been training to kill you,” reported the Blaze.

Are you feeling a little bit on edge yet?

You should be if you want to make certain that the message is received loud and clear. Parent is definite about his intentions. Parent said. “When you took your first steps I was prepared to make sure you never walked again. When you played at war, I was perfecting head shots; you can’t catch up at this point.”

There are dads who will barely look up when a daughter brings in some dude into the home to meet the parents and it is clear the boy has no intention in being a gentleman or even shows respect. For those special knuckle draggers the dad has a special message. “I have been teaching her love all of her life, and all that I ask is that you continue the lesson.”

If you cannot follow through on those special endearing wishes just remember that Parent’s words are more than a warning. After all he is a dead shot.


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