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Watch as two 100-year-old BFFs hilariously talk twerking, Biebs, pop culture

Want to really feel like you’re out of touch with all things pop culture? It’s one thing when our pre-teens know more about trendy urbanity then we do, but when a pair of sweet centenarians can hold their own, we know it’s time to sit down for 18 straight hours of Entertainment Tonight.

USA Today on Wednesday says Irene Cook and Alice Jensen of Chicago, both 100, have been friends for 94 years. The pair discussed everything from Justin Bieber to the iPhone operating system, to baby North West and a whole lot more on a taped segment for The Steve Harvey Show.

Irene nailed the definition of a “selfie,” to which her friend Alice said she has enough pictures of herself.

“Where you take a picture of yourself and you put it on Facebook and let everybody see it,” Cook said. “They do it.”

“Who's they?” a skeptical Jensen asked.

“Other people,” Cook responded, gesturing out to the whole of humanity that isn’t sitting on their floral striped couch.

After discussing the trials and tribulations of teen icon Justin Bieber, Jensen jumps in. “Let's go to the next question,” she says. “That wasn't a very good one for us, was it?”

The viral video is closing in on a million views. The two “BFFs” have been on the show before, to discuss tips to their longevity and remaining friends. The two women, both widowed, met at the age of five and have since witnessed two world wars, the first moon landing and a new millennium.

Steve Harvey closed the segment by saying: “I kid you not, I love those two ladies right there. I hope that God lets me live long enough and I have a friend that I can sit by at 100.”

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