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Watch as puppy and parrot fight over a yogurt container, too cute (videos)

There are plenty of cute animal videos this weekend and this is no exception. In the above video that was originally posted on Pet Tube, we see too pets who must have a very good relationship as they fight over a yogurt container. This tug-of-war game causes both animals to make continuous circles while they each clutch the yogurt container and try to take it away from the other.

Puppy and parrot fight over yogurt
Video screen grab

The video begins with the parrot eating the yogurt when the puppy takes it away. You would think a parrot might be intimidated by a puppy more than twice his size, but this parrot won’t be outwitted. He continues to walk circles around the puppy and even takes the yogurt container back. Both pets look at the camera periodically and it is a really adorable moment caught on video.

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