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Watch as adorable puppy discovers backyard for the first time (videos)

Watch as this adorable Cairn Terrier puppy runs, frolics and romps as he discovers his backyard for the first time. The dog’s name is Simba and his owner is Henry Langton. The video was first uploaded to YouTube where it went viral. Pet lovers are certain to enjoy this cute video as Simba rolls, runs and then puts his muzzle to earth while exploring the splendors of being a dog with a large backyard to investigate

Adorable puppy discovers backyard for first time
Henry Langton

Many pet owners film their puppies and kittens and aren’t aware just how adorable their videos are at first. It’s often after they upload the video to a photo-sharing site that they truly realize how fantastic the moment is that they captured. As Simba grows, we can be certain that Langton will view this video with fond recollection. We only thank him for making it public and sharing this wonderful moment with us.

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