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Watch Apolo Ohno train for Ironman® triatholon courtesy of chocolate milk

Apolo Ohno in Sochi, Russia February 2014
Apolo Ohno in Sochi, Russia February 2014
Photo by Joe Scarnici

It's been four years since eight-time Olympic medalist and speedskater Apolo Ohno ended that part of his career, and he's looking for more challenges. Ohno is turning to endurance sports and yesterday he announced his plans. Ohno will train for and compete in the Ironman® World Championship Triatholon held in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii with the help of chocolate milk as part of his recovery program.

Apolo got his introduction to the world of endurance sports in 2011 after competing in the New York City marathon, finishing with a time of 3 hours 25 minutes. The Ironman® triathlon ends with a marathon after a 2.4 mile open water swim and a 112 mile bicycle race.

Just how does chocolate milk figure into this equation? Apolo Ohno is a believer in its powers as part of his training. "For the past 20 years, recovery has been the number one element in my training because that’s where you rebound and how your body heals. Recovery, with the help of chocolate milk, is what’s kept me in the game."

Ohno has partnered with the Built With Chocolate Milk campaign and will appear in an eight-episode documentary program available to watch online at Chocolate milk is the Official Refuel Beverage of the Ironman triathlon series as well as USA Hockey and Women's Ski Jumping USA.

The online series is titled Mission Ohno: Built With Chocolate Milk and is expected to take viewers through the full seven month training and recovery schedule with Ohno. Can he inspire others to attempt it? His sponsors sure hope so.

“He’s already proven he’s one of the world’s greatest athletes, but we look forward to showing people what an incredible role model he is as he digs deep and pushes himself to his limit to accomplish this extraordinary goal," said Miranda Abney, Marketing Director of the Milk Processor Education Program, the group behind the BUILT WITH CHOCOLATE MILK campaign.

Are you ready to try it? Check out the series and see if it moves you to get fit.

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