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Watch A Theresa Caputo Cake Created on 'Next Great Baker'

Buddy Valastro in Las Vegas, site of his latest Carlo's Bakery
Buddy Valastro in Las Vegas, site of his latest Carlo's Bakery
Photo by Ethan Miller

Last night on "Next Great Baker", Buddy Valastro told the remaining chef teams that as a group, they are the most talented he's ever had during all four seasons of the TLC reality TV show.

There were six two-person teams still alive for last night's show, during which the most difficult baking challenge faced them.Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium was in the house along with hubby Larry.

It was time for a staple of "Next Great Baker" seasons: the life-size body cake event and Theresa Caputo was up to the task. Dressed in her signature outfit of a mini-skirt with high heel boots, she was sporting her trademark hair style, paddle-like fingernails and jewelry to die for. Check out the video clip linked below.

Buddy gave Caputo the right to combine the 12 bakers into two teams and luck ran out for Jose and the Jersey Boys. Theresa picked them to work on the same team and as we all know, they loathe each other after a disastrous wedding cake challenge. But, a funny thing happened on the way to the Theresa Caputo cake challenge --- they bonded.

Jose and partner Aimee somehow mended fences with Al and Manny a/k/a The Jersey Boys, and along with the pair of Jennifer and Bethany they went to work. The other cake team consisted of the sisters from Utah Kai and Rox, along with Don and Meredith and the team of Al and Lia.

Both groups got to take the tape measure out and get up close and personal with Theresa, who got a bit flustered. The bakers had a full 12 hours to create the best image of Caputo and despite all that time, some things had to be sacrificed. Unfortunately, it cost one team the win.

In the video clip of the process, you learn that Don was charged with creating Theresa's hands, with those nails that are so big they deserve their own zip code along with the jewels she sports proudly. He failed to create something that passed muster Had he been able to do a better job, the judges might have picked his team because Theresa loved the detail of her trusty tape recorder included in their cake sculpture.

Larry and Theresa got to judge along with Buddy Valastro and the season's permanent judges. Al, Manny, Jose and Aimee hugged after they won. It was even better for Jose, who got a message through Theresa from his deceased brother. It was quite a surprise and a bit unnerving at first.

The elimination challenge was more sadness for Don and Meredith as their facial sculpture failed to move the judges. It sent Kai and Rox along with Al and Lia back into the group that moves closer to winning the big prize of being the Next Great Baker.

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