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Watch – In 26 seconds video will have you smiling – ice cream scream

There are times that big brothers will take the lead and at other times the younger brother may point the way. So when this video begins innocently enough the brother twosome smack away on their snack and then the unintended consequences occurs.

Two brothers in video  will have you smiling in 26 seconds   all scream for ice cream
photo credit - maxresdefault - You Tube

In less than 26 seconds the familiar sound of the ice cream van seemed to have set off a rare but unfortunate domino effect beginning with the younger toddler and then the older brother follows suit. Sure it may not be something to tickle the funny bone, but on Monday the unintended pratfall of both young brothers has gone viral, according to the Blaze.

In fact, the popular You Tube video is closing in on 300,000 views and has become a front page favorite on Reddit! It sort of goes along with the old phrase, “We all scream for ice cream,”…well sort of.

So watch the video and see if the two boys deserve an ice cream cone for their embarrassing hard luck, and maybe even an extra slice of peanut butter bread too.

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