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Waste not Wednesdays, what to do with your savings?

Being frugal isn't just penny pinching and looking for the best deals, it also involves what you do with your savings. Each frugal act can add much to your quality of life, and to others. Here are some examples.

By being frugal, this allows you to do what you want with your life.
By being frugal, this allows you to do what you want with your life.
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Saving change adds up quickly.
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By paying down debt on credit cards, that frees up cash to save towards a paid for with cash family vacation or can be a chunk towards helping out with a child's college fund.

Hanging out laundry to dry on a clothesline and then setting aside those savings can help put money away for retirement or to pay down on your mortgage principle.

Clipping coupons can save week after week. Supposing you save $3.00 a week by using coupons, and then putting that weekly $3.00 aside, you will save $156.00 by a years time. Saving $3.00 a week by using coupons is not that difficult to do. With your savings, consider buying non perishable items that you regularly use that are on sale. This would be a double savings, using your earnings from coupons and purchasing food to stock pile when on sale.

Help the environment and yourself by picking up aluminum cans thrown on the street and then recycling them. If you feel that seems gross, wear a pair of gloves and keep a plastic garbage bag available to put them in. Every bit helps, doesn't it?

Dial down the thermostat by just one degree. So little yet it can make a difference in your pocketbook. In the summer, dress for the weather and drink lots of water to help keep you cool.

Grow your own food in a garden or in containers, and donate any excess to an area food pantry. It will make a difference in someone else's life, believe me.

Cash in your change that is saved up every month to help fund an emergency savings fund. It adds up and is quite painless.

Saving a little here and there and being conscious of your decisions can help fund a life event, such as marrying your beloved. Here, too, be conscious of frugal choices. As fun as a big blow out wedding may seem, its much nicer starting out your lives together with huge debt hanging over your heads. This way you are planning for your beautiful future together instead of a one day party.