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Waste Neutral introducing businesses to compost

Keith Losoya standing with the Waste Neutral composting truck
Keith Losoya standing with the Waste Neutral composting truck
Micheal Cook

Waste Neutral is a Baltimore company that is helping businesses and institution become more environmentally friendly by offering a service like no other. The company provides sustainable waste management solutions to help businesses and institutions map out available options that are cost efficient and present the least impact on the environment.

The company was founded in 2008 by Keith Losoya who was previously Executive Director of the Chesapeake Sustainable Business Alliance. Losoya build an extraordinary company that is greening one business at a time.

Waste Neutral provides two primary services including waste audits and food waste composting. The bulk of the company’s business is composting leftover over food, specifically organics, and they’ve offered their service from restaurants and universities such as John Hopkins University.

Although based in Baltimore, Waste Neutral doesn’t have its own compost facility instead they head to Peninsula Compost in Wilmington, Delaware; the closet facility that accepts bulk organic waste.

What makes Waste Neutral exceptionally great is their government partnership. It ensures that there are providing resources that meet the minimal and lengthy needs of any client.