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Washtenaw Education News roundup, from U of M's tuition hike to a reprieve from teacher layoffs

The tuition hike for the the 2010-2011 school year at the U of M will be the lowest since 1984.
The tuition hike for the the 2010-2011 school year at the U of M will be the lowest since 1984.
Sarah Rigg

Here are a few of the top stories about educational issues in Washtenaw County, as reported by area media:

U-M posts lowest tuition increase since 1984

The Detroit News reports that students at the University of Michigan will see a 1.5 percent increase in tuition for the 2010-2011 school year, the smallest increase since 1984. In related news, the Washtenaw Education News Examiner previously reported that Eastern Michigan University is promising no tuition increase for the upcoming school year.

Ann Arbor named fourth-best city in U.S. for families by national magazine reports that Parenting magazine recently named Ann Arbor in its list of 10 Best Cities for Families, based on criteria that includes the quality of the schools. Related to the school quality issues, also recently reported that two high schools in Ann Arbor and nearby Saline High School produced more than a dozen perfect scores on this year's ACT test. In total, that means that Washtenaw County represented 16 out of fewer than 150 perfect scores across the entire nation.

Column: Seeds & Stems - See how Ann Arbor public school gardens grow

A columnist at the Ann Arbor Chronicle recently wrote about educational gardening projects at Ann Arbor Public Schools .

Retirements save five Manchester teachers from layoffs

The Manchester Enterprise reports that the Manchester Board of Education was able to make fewer teacher layoffs than anticipated because of retirements in the district.

YPS bus driver put on administrative leave, escorted from bus lot by police

The Ypsilanti Courier reports that a school bus driver for the Ypsilanti Community Schools was suspended and put on administrative leave by the district last Tuesday for what the district is calling insubordination. The Washtenaw Education News Examiner previously reported that some bus drivers are concerned and feel left out of plans to consolidate transportation services across the county.

Ann Arbor Public Schools Educational Foundation spent more on overhead than on giving grants, tax records show reports that the foundation that provides funding for special projects in Ann Arbor schools is spending close to 50 percent of its budget on overhead, when guidelines for nonprofits suggest overhead should be no more than 20 percent. In related news, read a profile of the foundation's CEO here.


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