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Washtenaw County needs additional input for Parks&Recreation Master Plan

One possible Master Plan action item is to improve the trail system.
One possible Master Plan action item is to improve the trail system.
Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation Commission

The Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation Commission has now put together a draft of its Master Plan for the next 5 years.

However, the Parks and Recreation Commission still needs some help. For the rest of this month residents still have an opportunity to voice their wants and needs in regard to the county's extensive park and recreation system.

The parks and rec. Commission has drafted a plan that includes about every detail you can think of to help the community organization provide the best system they can. The plan and its specific parts can be found online.

The mission statement spells out exactly how the county feels about the parks and rec. role in the community:

Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation Commission's mission statement is: "… to enhance the quality of life in the County by promoting a healthy lifestyle, efficiently providing high quality facilities and programs reflective of current and anticipated recreational needs of County residents and visitors - with particular emphasis on preserving fragile lands, water quality, wildlife habitat, creating pedestrian and greenway connections, and providing high quality services to those of all backgrounds."

 The stated goal of the 5-year plan is:

This 5-Year Parks and Recreation Master Plan is an ongoing effort to meet this mission by providing information to develop and update recreation and resource goals and objectives, and to enable the County to become eligible for State of Michigan recreation grants. 

The drafted plan has a number of goals that includes ideas about parkland distribution, meeting the needs of the residents, preservation of the natural and cultural resources, promoting a healthy lifestyle, year-around opportunities and cooperation with other organizations. Each park has a set of possible action items that would be undertaken once the plan is adopted.

Now until March 31 residents can look over the plan, and take part in a survey and offer feedback on what they think of the plan.

To see the plan and give feedback on it go to:


  • andrew9 5 years ago

    Thanks for the information. Glad to know there is a plan, particularly with regard to pedestrian and greenway connections. We need to preserve and promote the beauty of this area. Do you have any information on sculling? Again, thanks for the data.

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