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Washington State - Lobby Day

We are the guardians of animals in our world
Who else will look out for them

Washington State residents have had little notice of an event happening 1/30/2014, 8:30AM-4:00PM at the Dept. of Enterprise Services – Auditorium, 1500 Jefferson St. SE, Olympia, WA 98501.

This event is the Humane Lobby Day for information about the Humane Rights of Animals in Washington Advocates. This is important for those who are champions of animals in the state as Animal Advocates have the opportunity to meet with elected officials who write the laws and vote on laws which serve and protect our pets, farm animals and wild animals. Washington State’s Dr. D. Paul is the Head of the Humane Society. The deadline for this event is apparently closed at this time. However you can still have a say and make a difference. Contact and contact your local representatives let each know that them know where you stand on this subject. Certainly we can each ask for more information surrounding events like this which have an important impact on our and our animal friends’ lives.

Ask about the Dangerous Dog Act being addressed in Washington State. Ask about the commercial fishing laws and the sport fishing regulations. And ask about our rights as pet owners when discussing basic rights to own and keep pets; how does that affect our insurance rates and how can we protect our pets from aggressive and unkempt animals. We can not all be Betty White but each of us have a responsibility. If residence is in another Pacific Rim State, go to the wed site and check news for legislation in that state

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