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Washington State has more jobs now than before the Great Recession

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The Employment Security Department announced yesterday that Washington State has not only recovered all of the jobs that were lost during the Great Recession, but actually has more now than before the state entered into this time period.

This information comes from a statistical benchmarking report put together by Employment Security and the United States Department of Labor. The report is compiled with job information obtained from quarterly tax filings of employers.

The report indicates that our state actually didn’t lose as many jobs as was initially reported. Information previously gathered indicated that our state had lost over 200,000 jobs during the timeframe of February 2008 to February 2010; however, that number is more likely closer to 189,000.

In addition, this benchmarking report showed that our state’s job number for 2013 is higher than originally publicized; meaning our state’s job growth numbers between February 2010 and January 2014 is about 193,000.

This is good news for those that are unemployed in our state, especially as we continue to see an upward trend of more jobs becoming available and a strong focus on helping the long-term unemployed find work.