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'Washington Redskins - Political Correctness Run Amuck'

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Redskin Peanuts- The Perfect Logo
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‘Political Correctness Run Amuck’
Tom Holbrook

Well, apparently those thin-skinned individuals out there with political-correctaphobia are so insulted and so caring about the hurt feelings of our American Indian brothers that they have gone on the warpath themselves. They are still trying to take one of America’s non-threatening traditions and doing their darndest to rid it from view forever.

These self-appointed public protectors and mind-police are purportedly ‘mentally abused’ by the sight of an obviously brave and bold Indian war chieftain’s visage on the side of a football helmet, and they say it's got to go. That logo is supposedly corrupting the hearts and minds of the American public. These faithful do-gooders will accomplish their task, they say, by taking the Redskins’ current logo off of helmets, sweatshirts, and other Redskin NFL paraphernalia sold by the very popular Washington Redskins Football team.

Obviously, the very few ne’er do wells who are fanning the flames of this ridiculous PC conflagration has our ever-so politically correct White House on their side, pandering those intellectually challenged, uninformed voters for even more future support. The argument that a logo featuring a head-shot of an Indian is degrading and/or denigrating an entire race of people is absurd and should not be given credence by any intelligent, informed American.

The truly informed people of this great nation think that the logo should remain as it has been, with several trial changes, since 1937. However, if a change of the name ‘Washington Redskins’ is to become free of any shameful implications or inferences, then I say, remove the word ‘Washington,’ because of the scandal, skullduggery and political pandering it infers.

If it gets to the point that the owner, Dan Snyder, of America’s beloved NFL team decides to keep the name but changes the logo to something less threatening to the soft-witted among us, I would recommend a picture of the famous Wolffies' Redskin Peanuts.

What could go better with football and beer?

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