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Washington Redskins and the rename game

"Simms, Dungy To Avoid Saying 'Redskins' On Air" – Headline, August 19, 2014

The Washington Redskins should be renamed the Power Sharks to appropriately represent the city's primary indigenous population of corrupt politicians and power mongers.
Garry Reed/ Free Clipart

Those suffering the deep dementia known as Political Correctness continue to insist that the name "Redskins" for the NFL Washington DC team is an unacceptable slur.

So rename them the "Noble Savages." After all, that's how White Euro-Americans previously honored The People in a show of respect and admiration for them.

Unfortunately, there's a phenomenon called the Euphemism Treadmill that requires the angst-riddled classes to continually replace one polite word with another every time the previous polite word becomes impolite.

The socially emoting crowd has already trod through names like Indian, Injun, Redskin, Redman, Savage, Noble Savage, Original Peoples, Indigenous Population, Native American, Amerind, Amerindian, Aborigine, Aboriginal American, American Indian, Native American and First Nation to no avail since the people in question can't agree on a generic term for themselves themselves.

The American Indian Movement founded in 1968 wasn't called the Native American Movement after all, especially since the acronym AIM is much more appropriate and certainly catchier than NAM.

The late AIM Co-founder, activist, movie actor and wannabe Libertarian Party presidential candidate Russell Means even called himself an American Indian on his website on the basis that everyone born in America is a Native American.

Dueling surveys disagree on whether Redskins consider "Redskins" a slur. While a BuzzFeed article reported that a Cal State survey said "67% Of Native Americans Find Redskins Name Offensive" one respondent wrote, "I'm a Sisseton-Wahpeton Sioux and I don't find it offensive. What I find offensive is white people telling me what should offend me. White people: "Oh, you're not offended? That's ok, we'll be offended for you."

The self-identified diversity crowd, in short, refuses to recognize diversity among the very people they claim to be advocating for. They're just another indistinct "victim group" useful for furthering a socio-political agenda.

All of this in spite of the fact that there are still the Atlanta Braves, Kansas City Chiefs and Cleveland Indians with its ultra-cartoonish logo. And, according to a CBS article, "There are Native American schools that call their teams Redskins."

So libertarians suggest that the issue be entirely redirected. It's been a long tradition throughout America for sports teams to be named after the people who make up the local populations.

With its high density of Swedes and other Nordic people in Minnesota the name Vikings became a no-brainer for its football team. The Boston Celtics of the NBA are so-named because of the city's large Irish population. New York has its Yankees, originally a derisive slur that never went through the political correctness renaming treadmill.

So let's rename the Washington Redskins for its predominate native population: The Washington Power Sharks.

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