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Washington Park, an amazing reflection of history



  • Rebecca 5 years ago

    Quite interesting... I've seen it over and over again, but I surely didn't know it's history! Thanks for the facts and the good news.

  • BIGMOM48 5 years ago

    Thanks for the history lesson. The fountain is beautiful and glad to hear its flowing again.

  • Erin Goseer 5 years ago

    I lived at 61st and Rhodes, across the street from the house depicted in Hansbury, "Raisin In The Sun." I always loved the park, the fountain of time as well as the ponds, trees and walkways for leisure-time walks. This was quite a treat for me, one who grew up in the south and could not use "public?" parks in my hometown. Thanks for this interesting article and the warm memories.

  • Judith 5 years ago

    This was a great article. I pass the structure often but I never get out of the car to see it up close. It is marvelous and I am glad that you are using facinating facts to keep us informed.,

  • RSquare 5 years ago

    This is an excellent and informative article. I am inspired to take the kids and take an up close look at this piece of history.

  • dutch 5 years ago

    I really do believe this is one of the best pieces of sculpture in the city. I can't see it too often. By the way, are Monk parakeets the one's with OCD?

  • Vivian Rainey 5 years ago

    As usual, very interesting and informative.

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