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Washington mudslide death toll at 14 despite prior mudslide warnings

The number of deceased in the tragic Washington Mudslide now remains at 14 people. On March 25, USA TODAY reported that residents knew about the possibility of devastating mudslides prior to their occurrence.

A massive mudslide has left a reported 14 dead and 176 missing in rural Washington.
Photo by David Ryder/Getty Images

Heavy rains caused the ground to become soggy and saturated, causing the steep hills to collapse into a mudslide. Still 176 people are missing and officials still don't know how many might be trapped in the mud. What they are saying though is that anyone still trapped by the mudslide is not expected to survive.

The mud has the consistency of quicksand, making rescue efforts very difficult. Six more dead were discovered on Monday, bringing the death toll to 14 people in the Washington mudslide. With 176 people still reported missing, the hopes of finding anyone alive among the mud and debris is getting less likely. No one has been found alive since Saturday, the day of the mudslide.

Reports state that Washington officials warned of a possible mudslide in the areas near Oso and Darrington. Residents were made aware of the saturated state of the surrounding hills. Despite the warnings, residents opted to stay in the area. None imagined the impact the mudslide would truly have.

There were roughly 50 structures destroyed in the mudslide. The death toll and number of injuries were higher due to the mudslide happening on a weekend, when more residents were likely to be home.

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