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Washington Examiner: Obamacare beat by Walmart's health plan for employees

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On Jan. 7, 2013, The Washington Examiner released the results of an investigation finding Walmart's employee health insurance is "significantly better" than Obamacare. Walmart has come under mega union labor union criticism as a retailer whose employees are both underpaid and mistreated. Like many insurance plans which have been canceled as a result of Obamacare benefit regulations, Walmart's health insurance has been called "substandard.”

However after an in-depth comparison, the watch dog team of the Washington Examiner discovered employees of Walmart receive a better bang for the buck than Obamacare. In comparison to Obama care, it was discovered that Walmart plans were a whopping five to nine times less expensive. Full-service individual coverage in a Walmart HRA plan is available through a Blue Cross Blue Shield preferred provider organization for as little as $40 a month while family coverage averages $160 a month.

Some Walmart health insurance benefits for employees and their families include:

  • no eligibility requirements
  • age nor gender is a consideration
  • a much larger doctor network
  • a larger hospital network which includes some of the most renowned academic hospitals
  • free heart surgery at four hospitals
  • free spinal surgery at four hospitals
  • free knee replacement at four hospitals
  • free hip replacements at four hospitals
  • free screenings for colorectal cancer, cervical cancer, chlamydia, diabetes, and depression
  • free special counseling for diet and obesity
  • free for children, more than 20 preventive services including but not limited to genetic disorders, autism and developmental problems to obesity, lead poisoning exposure and tuberculosis
  • free for children, 12 vaccinations plus free hearing and vision testing

According to Business Insider, Walmart employs one percent of the nation's work force. Generally, the higher the number of potential insurees, the better leverage a company has negotiating a deal with insurance companies. Walmart's insurance negotiating leverage is certainly far less than that of the United States government who is hoping to insure seven million by March. It begs the question: How can Walmart get a better insurance deal, at better prices with better benefits than government?



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