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Washington D.C. will not change until WE change

Lady Liberty: How long will we subject her to the torment of division?
Lady Liberty: How long will we subject her to the torment of division?

With continuing wars abroad, an ever-burgeoning national debt crisis and deliberate in-fighting amongst our nation’s elected leaders – it seems that our country is seemingly on a slow-simmer path to experiencing a complete meltdown.

The sad part of all of this for us as Americans is that we clearly understand how detrimental our inability to solve even the smallest of issues has the potential to completely undermine our existence as a nation – yet we insist on continuing the primitive practice of drawing lines in the sand, roaring at the top of our lungs and beating our chest preparing for battle, instead of sitting down and developing constructive solutions that solve and eliminate our common problems.

Almost every presidential candidate throughout the history of our nation has promised some sort of change in reference to how Washington D.C. conducts business. In fact, the theme for President Obama’s 2008 campaign was based solely on change – and though he has had some success, his key goals for change have yet to be reached.

The current field of GOP presidential candidates are (also) promising to change how business is done in the nation’s capital – but if President Obama has been unsuccessful in his efforts to tame our political process (a process that is over two centuries old), how can we realistically expect any one person to effectively change the direction of Washington D.C.?

It is going to take the citizens of this nation to change the direction of this nation. Our past and present bodies of elected officials have been fruitless in their attempts to “stay the course” that was established for us by our founding fathers. In result, our government is diminishing right before our eyes, and if we do not change directions soon, our deteriorating democracy may quickly reach a point of no return.

As Americans, we are far from having the strength in numbers that we need to solve our nation’s problems. We lack the strength to solve these problems because we consistently refuse to work together.

It does not make sense that the problems (and politics) we are grappling with today date all the way back to the founding of our nation.

And because we as Americans have not (to date) developed a strategy that allows us to work together at any level, the problems we face as a nation are growing in strength with each passing day.

The votes we cast to elect our president(s) will not change the politics of our existing government. If we want our government to change…if we want Washington D.C. to change – WE have to change.

Until we as Americans exercise the courage to make the decision and effort to work together, do not expect President Obama or any other president after him to change Washington D.C. – or change the direction of this nation.


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