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Washington D.C. To Lower Penalty For Pot Possession

Washington D.C. To Lower Penalty For Pot Possession
Washington D.C. To Lower Penalty For Pot Possession

The Nations capital will lower the penalty for possession down to $25 for carrying an ounce or less. It will no longer be a criminal offense.The District of Columbia Council passed the measure on Tuesday March 4th, 2014. Mayor Vincent Gray plans to sign the bill when it hits his desk. Now it will still be illegal in public so hey don't get caught. The law would not include any federal property as it is still illegal by federal standards. This would put Washington D.C. along with 17 other states who have decriminalized marijuana. It is being said that Congress would not interfere with the passing of the bill.

Now this will make one wonder has the Government loosened it's hold on the anti- marijuana crusade and softened its stance. Does this mean that maybe America will legalize marijuana nationally? Time will tell, but more and more states are getting on the band wagon for at least the legalization of medical marijuana.

Florida, for instance, looks like it will legalize medical marijuana during the elections in the fall. Last week two public debates were held. One was in Tampa and the other in Lakeland. As an observer, I would have to say the pro legalization movement won in Tampa and tied in Lakeland. It will be an interesting spring and summer prior to the vote but if one is to believe the polls then it looks like the citizen's will ratify the amendment to legalize medical marijuana in Florida.

Recently in Colorado and soon in Washington State the purchasing of marijuana over the counter has taken effect. Projections in Colorado seem to lean to the legalization as being a plus for state revenue. Washington is still getting its procedures together but will soon be selling the wacky weed.

With Washington D.C. lowering its penalties this is making it look like the Federal Government is changing its mind over marijuana and its place in society. Money that is coming into many states is being hampered due to Federal law and the banking system. The laws are starting to be relaxed as the funds coming in are helping states rather than hinder. It is definitely an interesting time we live in. For information on the status of the legalization of medical marijuana in the State of Florida please go to