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Washington Capitals introduce Google Glass app for in-game interaction

Ever since Google Glass was released for the Explorer program last year, developers from all over the place have been creating apps of all kinds to pair with the high-tech specs. Thanks to the software company APX Labs, one of those apps will bring Google Glass into the arena of sports viewing.

The Washington Post reported on Thursday that the local software company has created the Skybox app, which is set to be integrated with Glass for fans of the Washington Capitals and allow users to access a variety of content as they take in a match.

APX CEO Brian Ballard, who noted that fans at the game often distract themselves from the action by whipping out their phones to look up stats and social media, told the Post that the app is designed to bring the "data and experience" you can get at home to the game setting, making for a better fan experience.

What separates the app from those you might use on your phone is the design of Google Glass itself. By wearing the product as you would normal glasses, users can view content such as stats, highlights, and even instant replay without needing to take your eyes off the live action.

"Inside Verizon Center [the Capitals' D.C. home], we can push that data the second it is recorded to any device," Ballard said of the app. He later added that he wouldn't be surprised to eventually see it included in season ticket holders' VIP packages.

"This experience of being able to see you see the game but have something just living in your eye, this is really a remarkable device," he said.

The release date for Google Glass is reportedly expected for April 2014.

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