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Washington animal community raises thousands to save dog hit by car

Washington animal community raises thousands to save dog hit by car
Washington animal community raises thousands to save dog hit by car
Lost & Found Pets WA State

Cupcake the dog is one tough cookie - and thanks to a community effort inspired by the Facebook page Lost & Found Pets WA State, this beloved pet will live to love another day.

Washington animal community raises thousands to save dog hit by car
Lost & Found Pets WA State

After he went missing from his Washington state home on Monday night, his family began a tireless search for their beloved blue heeler German Shepherd mix.

"Cupcake was gone when I got home from work - I work in the evenings," explained his guardian, Chelsea Hackett. "My husband and son usually feed Cupcake and he likes to hang out outside - when I got home, he wasn't in his kennel or in the I got in car and drove around. I stayed up until 1:30 in the morning looking for him," Chelsea said sadly.

The next day, as she was driving through the neighborhood looking for him, Chelsea saw a sign that brought her to a screeching halt.

"It said 'Found blue' - and that's all I needed to read," Chelsea recalled.

"I called the number right away and I was told by someone named Dori what had happened to my dog. I just fell apart on the phone with her."

So what had happened to the beloved family dog?

He'd been hit by a car, sustaining grave injuries that required immediate emergency care.

"He had a dislocated front right arm, one of his hips was luxated - a certain type of dislocation - and his other hip had four fractures. He'd been hit and the driver drove away. Someone found him and called Dori, who took Cupcake in her car and drove him to Pilchuck [Veterinary Hospital]," stated Chelsea.

But Cupcake was fortunate: animal rescuer Dori and the Facebook page Lost & Found Pets WA State worked together to come up with the cost of Cupcake's care - without knowing who Cupcake or his family were.

Donations to help the injured dog came in for the original estimate of around $6000 - but when complications arose, the cost suddenly skyrocketed to $14,000.

Instead of giving up on Cupcake, the community continued to advocate for him.

Lost & Found Pets WA State posted on their Facebook page today:

Hey guys. Today has been one of the toughest days I can remember. Cupcake was doing really well, but then this morning he went into critical condition and was NOT handling pain well.

We thought that his elbow would be able to be popped back into place, but once they were working on it they found it was much worse than the X-rays made it look... So, they had to surgically put it back in place.

They were able to work on the side of his pelvis that had all of the fractures in it, and from what I understand they put a plate in there that will help him with his arthritis later in life.

Once things hit critical condition, we found out that the surgery is no longer $5,000 like we had hoped, but actually $14,000. Yes...FOURTEEN THOUSAND.

The surgeon has been really wonderful and since our estimate had gone from $5,000 to $6,000-$7,200, obviously she understood how upset we were. She has made a deal with us that the bill will cap out at exactly $8,000, regardless of any complications or additional procedures that need to be done.

I have never been so emotional in my life. Today has been so long and stressful and I have been in tears throughout the day. Anyone who knows me personally knows that no matter what the cost, I cannot give up on Cupcake now. He's under our wing and I won't let him be put down over money. Once he is healed up he's going to have a great life filled with love and happiness, so that's what I plan to give him... he's only four years old and he deserves a long and happy life.

Here is the link to donate if you can.

Cupcake is a beloved family member - and his family is grateful for the community support to save his life. Cupcake came into the Hackett family three years ago - and he hadn't had the most auspicious of beginnings. He was dirty - very, very dirty - and very afraid.

"He was a scared dog when we got him. When we first brought him home, he army crawled right to my son...and started licking his feet," Chelsea recalled. "It took several washes to get the water to run clear."

But the dirty dog with a heart of gold instantly bonded with the Hackett family, including son Nicholas and daughter Kaylee. The blue healer German shepherd mix was also a great source of comfort to Chelsea's husband.

"My husband has extreme PTSD and anxiety," Chelsea explained. "His doctors signed off on Cupcake as an anxiety dog. My husband just fell in love with Cupcake."

And the Washington state animal community has fallen in love with - and rallied around - Cupcake as well. Here's to hoping that Cupcake will mend quickly. Thank you to Lost & Found Pets WA State, which went above and beyond to save this missing dog's life.

Lost & Found Pets WA State is a page run by one determined animal advocate joined by a community of supportive animal lovers. The page has helped countless missing dogs and cats find their way home once again. And for dogs like Cupcake, this page has literally made the difference between life and death.

Updates to this story will be posted as they occur.

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