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Washington; A city, beach, rainforest and mountainside, all in one.

Washington State: Seattle Gum Wall
Washington State: Seattle Gum Wall
Morgan Carver

Washington is one of the few places in the world where you can to to get the wide spectrum of the different aspects found scattered all over the world, except all in one place. This state offers the mountains where you can find waterfalls, hiking trails, ski resorts, and the rainforest. Seattle, the city which makes Washington state so special, offers a huge array of activities when visiting including all types of restaurants, museums, music and the originality of it all is what makes Seattle the place to be.

The first time visiting Seattle, be sure to grab some coffee. It isn't hard to miss a coffee shop when walking through the city streets. You'll most likely run into a Starbucks, on every corner you pass. Starbucks opened it's first shop in Seattle back in 1970. Luckily, when visiting Seattle you'll most likely be ready for something to cozy up to, why not coffee! Although the weather doesn't stay cold, it is a relatively grey world because of the weather being more times than not, rainy and cloudy. However, the city and the surrounding mountains make up for that lack of color with culture, music and food, leaving the day open ended for whatever you may be looking for.

After arriving in Washington, spend the first few days in the city, exploring the Pike Place Market, which is notorious for their fresh fish (which would be a perfect Seattle dish to take back and cook during your stay). As you walk through the market you may get distracted by the enormous amount of tulips surrounding you in every color imaginable. If you are visiting in the spring, be sure to check out the Tulip Festival where the celebration with many activities happens to welcome the blossoming of millions of tulips. Moving on through the market you may come up on a gum wall. The gum wall is located in a small alley right on the end of the Pike Place Market where you'll find thousands upon thousands of chewed up pieces of gum in all colors, mashed up against it. Snap a picture, but be careful not to lean up against it. It's definitely something to check out while walking around.

The city offers so much, that as a visitor you will have to take it upon yourself to explore everything from the space needle all the way to the gum wall & their decadent, fresh sushi options. Don't leave Washington only seeing the city. Take yourself out of the busy city and go out for a hike in the Olympic National Park. This park offers views that you wouldn't expect to see all in one day. The beach, rainforest, ski resort and seaside cliffs are all within about 2 hours of one another.

Washington state is the perfect place to go for those of you who can't make a decision on what you want to do in your next traveling excursion. Washington is patient and understands, it offers everything so you can do it all, or just make a decision when you get there!


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