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Wash your produce with vinegar solution

Spinach, lettuce, berries, and apples: they all can cost a lot of money. They all can contribute to a healthy diet or, when contaminated, give you a food-borne illness such as E-coli. If you have been gambling that your produce is okay and doesn't need washing, perhaps your luck will hold out; perhaps it won't. Here's an easy, green, and frugal way to clean your produce.

Lettuce and spinach have been a source of food-born illness
Photo by David Paul Morris/Getty Images


Fruits and veggies that can withstand a scrubbing will benefit from a water wash and scrub with a brush. Bacterial levels are reduced even more, a proven 98% with a 1:3 vinegar wash. Keep some in a spray bottle, and after spraying your produce--rinse it off. For more fragile produce, use a soak. Again, follow with a rinse. Remember that the exterior of avocados, melons, and fruit that you cut through can also contaminate your food. Some people report berries and other fruit lasts longer in the refrigerator after a vinegar wash. Consider washing the tops of your cans and bottles too.

Additional notes

Researchers do not recommend washing produce labeled "triple washed." Researchers do recommend washing out your sink after cleaning produce.


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