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Wash. state animal advocacy organization urges end to 'donkey basketball'

Wash. state animal advocacy organization urges end to 'donkey basketball'
Wash. state animal advocacy organization urges end to 'donkey basketball'
Pasado's Safe Haven

On Sunday, Jan. 12, animal advocacy organization Pasado's Safe Haven issued an action alert to end "donkey basketball," which is coming to Washington state this month.

Anacortes Middle School in Anacortes, Wash. plans to have "donkey basketball" on Jan. 18. The animal organization argues that this is a cruel practice - and they're asking fellow animal advocates to contact the parties involved to put an end to this practice.

During these games, donkeys are shoved, kicked, yanked, or whipped by riders who are trying to score points. The frightened animals often cry out in fear and frustration. Riders are often injured, as well.

Donkeys are not protected by the federal Animal Welfare Act.

Opponents of donkey basketball argue that it is animal cruelty and teaches children that inhumane treatment of animals is acceptable. PETA notes that using donkeys in school fundraisers can be a liability, as well.

A participant in a Waterloo, Illinois, donkey basketball game received more than $110,000 for injuries sustained in a game. A Wisconsin state senator fell off a donkey in another game, breaking her leg. And In Feb. 2006, a Florida fifth-grade teacher sued the Diocese of St. Petersburg and the owner of the Dixie Donkey Ball company, claiming she suffered injuries after being thrown off a donkey at a fundraiser.

You can help end donkey basketball in Washington state by contacting the following people:

Patrick Harrington, Principal
Anacortes Middle School
360 503 1244

Rick Durfee, President
Anacortes Eagles #249
360 293 3012
360 293 5730

Donkey Sports, Inc.
1 800 497 3912
Office Hours: 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
info @ donkeysports. com

About Pasado's Safe Haven
Pasado's Safe Haven is a Washington state 501(c)(3) dedicated to ending animal cruelty. They rescue dogs, cats, and farmed animals from abuse and neglect, advocating for better treatment of these animals by society and promoting laws and personal choices that eliminate suffering for animals.

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