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Was Ziggy already in the our plans

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When my son was 9 years old he drew a picture of a turtle. Of course, the picture was good, but it is not the picture itself that amazes me. It is what the picture is. Back in Fall 2002 we went walking in Lynn Woods, Lynn, MA. As we were walking we came across and injured turtle. At the time we did not know what kind of turtle, but we new he was sick. I was taking environmental science in college, so we knew the right people to ask. When we took him to a vet, we were told he is an alligator snapping turtle. Alligator snapping turtles are not common to this area. They are known in warmer climates. He should have been burrowed in the ground, because when it gets cold they could die. It is now been 11 years since we had him.

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However, my son drew a picture of his breed years before we had him. Some people say that when you are looking for a house or a card, it calls you. Basically, what that means the house or car will find you. Just like when you meet someone for the first time, you already know this person is trouble, or this person is nice. When you see this picture my son drew then, and what Ziggy looks like, it will make sense. Ziggy is a big part of the family and very healthy and happy. We all love and enjoy him. I think he has brought much more happiness than we could imagine.

Written by,

Cheryl A Nocera