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Was this father’s public whooping of daughter justified – or punishable?

In the old days a dad or mom would get a switch or sometimes a belt and kids acting badly would be introduced to parental corrective behavior techniques. But for many kids and teens like the 13-year-old daughter who was out on the street for three days her father decided she needed an especially embarrassing attitude adjustment, according to Hello Beautiful. What he did next has ignited a firestorm of controversy on both sides arguing abuse and or “let her have it” when he beat her in public with an apparent belt.

Father whoops on daughter for missing for 3 days
photo credit - WHUR

Do you think beating really makes your kid behave better or did it ever make you behave better? Did the young 13-year-old Beyonce dressed teen deserved to be beaten like a criminal from the stockyard jail for being out of communication with her parents?

Of course these are issues that many parents all over the nation deal with everyday and even now there are those who claim that the dad was inflicting child abuse instead of necessary discipline. So where does a parent draw the line and should the father be punished for beating his daughter?

Watch the video and say what you feel and more importantly, what do you think would you beat or not to beat…share it!

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