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Was The Undertaker actually scripted to defeat Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 30?

According to an Apr. 7 report from, The Undertaker wasn't actually scripted to lose to Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 30. is reporting that Lesnar changed the script by defeating The Undertaker last night in New Orleans, snapping a 21-match win streak that dated back to 1991.

Fans on hand for Wrestlemania 30 were stunned when Lesnar pinned The Undertaker after 25 minutes of back-and-forth action, as WWE cameras spotted dozens of pro wrestling supporters with their jaws dropping and hands over their heads after witnessing the streak end.

No one was expecting The Undertaker's streak to end, especially after Lesnar got the best of The Undertaker the week prior at WWE Monday Night Raw.

Just about everyone in WWE Universe thought The Undertaker would ride off into the sunset with his undefeated Wrestlemania record in tact.

According to the report, WWE President Vince McMahon was interviewed by reporters following Wrestlemania 30, and he revealed that The Undertaker was actually scripted to defeat Lesnar.

That story would make sense, being that it was widely expected The Undertaker had a couple good years left in him before hanging up the gloves.

Most in the WWE Universe believed The Undertaker would wrap up his career with a Wrestlemania appearance in his home state of Texas, possibly at a show in Dallas Stadium.

Rumor had it that The Undertaker would be battling with John Cena at next year's Wrestlemania, so most thought he would have no problem getting past Lesnar.

If it turns out to be true that The Undertaker was scripted to defeat Lesnar at Wrestlemania 30, it would certainly evoke memories of the 1997 Survivor Series when Shawn Michaels defeated Bret Hart in controversial fashion.

Was The Undertaker actually scripted to beat Lesnar at Wrestlemania 30? Let us know in the comments or tweet the author, @BadNewsEric.

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