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Was the Ferguson cop beaten before Brown’s death, and does it matter anyway?

As frustration over the fact that officer Darren Wilson has yet to be arrested, new reports claim that the Ferguson cop was beaten by the deceased victim, Michael Brown, prior to the deadly confrontation.

According to a source close to Wilson, the seemingly ever-evolving story surrounded the officer is that he was “badly beaten” by Brown, and that his face was bruised as a result.

It’s not clear why such specific information as this took so long to come out (although last week, Police Chief Tom Jackson did state Wilson suffered general swelling on the side of his face), though some speculate it could have to do with the fact that a grand jury was expected to begin hearing evidence in regards to the shooting.

A source that’s close to Wilson suggests that the Ferguson officer suffered “a serious facial injury.” As expected, the source’s name was not identified.

It’s not quite clear how this new revelation will play into the minds of people following the case closely. Whether Wilson did or didn’t suffer a facial injury may seem immaterial, as witnesses claim they saw Wilson down on the ground with his hands up in the air.

If it’s true that Brown had essentially surrendered himself to the police by placing his hands in the air, and with no weapon found on his person, it’s unclear how even a “serious facial injury” can be used to justify the killing of an unarmed man in broad daylight.

Still, as more information comes out, it’s clear that people on both sides of the argument would be best served to find some common ground in an effort to get at the root cause of the tension that’s clearly spilled over not just in this case, but in similar other cases throughout the country’s history.

At this point, frustration has boiled over so much that questions are now being raised as to whether or not President Obama should visit Ferguson.

For more information on the Michael Brown killing, be sure to return to this column for the latest news.

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