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Was Shaina McBride kidnapped?

Shaina McBride vanished on Friday, Aug. 15, 2014
Shaina McBride vanished on Friday, Aug. 15, 2014
Media photo/10 News

Fort Lauderdale, Florida: Have you seen this missing teen? Shaina McBride, 14, vanished sometime Friday morning when she reportedly left her family's boat and never returned. This Aug. 17 report shares that the search has continued for the missing teen throughout the weekend with no results, leading her loved ones to worry even more about her. There are a lot of details in this case that seem to indicate that this teen may not be a runaway. For starters, her family says that she is on good terms with them, but her father does admit to being "an overbearing father."

The teen also left behind all of her belongings -- belongings that most people would take with them if they were planning on disappearing for any length of time longer than a moment. Her cellphone charger, her purse and the rest of her belongings were left on the boat. She reportedly said that she was only going to be a moment, and from the evidence left behind it seems that she truly only planned to be away for a short time. Even though her family believes that she did not run away, her father made another interesting statement:

"Let that child go on with her life, you know, and let her go."

It's hard to tell if he was referring to something he had been told, or if this is his sentiment. Doesn't he believe she's been kidnapped or harmed? Depending on where their boat was docked at the time of the disappearance, it's feasible to believe that someone could have lured Shaina from the boat under false pretenses. It's also feasible to speculate the possibility of the teen hurting herself and ending up in the water. Have investigators been able to eliminate either possibility in her disappearance?

The only fact that remains in this case is that Shaina McBride is missing. If you know anything about her case, please do not hesitate to contact the Fort Lauderdale Police Department at (954)764-HELP -- or if you're not in Fort Lauderdale, you can contact your local police to report any information or sightings.