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Was 'Scandal' Thursday worth two months of anticipation? For Team Jake it was

After the two-month hiatus, was the continuation of Scandal on Thurs., Feb. 27, worth the wait? In the words of talk show host Arsenio Hall, "Yes indeed."

Actor Scott Foley attends the 45th NAACP Image Awards presented by TV One at Pasadena Civic Auditorium on February 22, 2014 in Pasadena, Calif.
Photo by John Sciulli

Although there was no sign of Olivia's arm-chewing mom Maya, everybody else had a bone to pick with someone. And some folks finally got a little love action:



Vice President Sally Langston has chosen to still run in the presidential election as a third-party candidate even though she refuses to give up her old post. This eliminates the ability for Olivia's team to call her a traitor.

Fitz is having none of that and still chooses another vice president: the former lieutenant governor of California Andrew Nichols. Unfortunately Mellie is apparently Andrew's "the one who got away."

Leo is playing hardball with the media and Abby. He'll get Sally into the White House as president by any means necessary, even if that means working with Rowan.

Harrison finally has a love interest that lasts past a bed scene or a paparazzi shot with somebody else's jump-off. He also knows how to handle a gun.

Olivia is having second thoughts about being the campaign manager for Fitz's second term as president.

Rowan is about to light a fire under the president's entire team for losing his rank at B613. In his words: "President Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III has made an enemy. The worst kind of enemy because I know all his secrets. I know where every body is buried, and the greatest weapon I can use against him calls me 'dad.'"

Quinn has sunk to a new low with Charlie and is now kidnapping kids. She also wants to be in B613 with her horrible sorta-kinda boyfriend Charlie, but Jake says she's not out for it.

Huck was surprisingly quiet, playing the right-hand man of Abby as a fake reporter. In usual Huck style, he did manage to get enough dirt on the coroner to try to figure out how Sally's husband Daniel really died.

David is skeptical of whether James will choose true journalism over his husband Cyrus' conniving ways until David admits that he's the press leak Publius.

An incredibly uncomfortable lunch meeting between Mellie and Olivia ends with Mellie showing she still hasn't lost her cool, calculating demeanor. Fitz clearly has a mental type even if his physical type is two totally different (and beautiful) women. But Mellie one-upped Olivia by demanding she find a boyfriend and put the affair rumors to rest. Which brings viewers to the best part: Jake.


For gladiators who are still holding onto the idea of Fitz and Olivia being together, there's a collective eye roll from those who want the new commander of B613 to win. Team Jake grinned by the end of Thursday's episode. Yes, Jake still seems robotic when it comes to his soldier frenemy/president Fitz. But that never stopped him from kissing, hugging, caressing, saving and sleeping with Olivia all while he was supposed to be under the watch of Fitz. And judging from his reaction to the same problems Huck went through at the bottom of Wonderland, Jake doesn't break.

Edison Davis, the senator of Florida, was a handsome man, but he was just too nice for someone as sneaky as Olivia. There always seemed to be the possibility that she would walk all over him, especially when he accused her of having an affair with the president and she looked him dead in the face and lied nonstop. And while Fitz knows when to call b.s. on Olivia, somehow Jake seems to give even less of a damn about being accepted. Could you imagine Jake being able to tolerate a father like Jerry?

What'll be the most fun to watch play out is not just Fitz gritting his teeth about Olivia's fake boyfriend Jake but how Rowan will climb his way back to the top of B613. There's no way he can do it without both Fitz and Jake giving in, and Olivia will have no choice but to be caught in the middle. Only difference is she went 22 years hating her father. She's never mastered a way to hate Fitz or Jake, and both men have admitted to loving her.

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