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Was Osama bin Laden freedom fighter in 9/11 U.S. Attack? – Calif. Prof Says So

Osama bin Laden - California Professor says he was a freedom fighter
Osama bin Laden - California Professor says he was a freedom fighter
photo credit - Telegraph

A California professor is teaching his students that the devastating attack on America on September 11th 2001 was engineered by an Osama Bin Laden: Freedom Fighter, according to Fox News. Professor Emmit Evans who teaches at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo is using his political science lectures to rewrite history for students who in taking his class must use his book.

The book, which he co-authored called “The Other World,” portrays the mass murdering Al Qaeda mastermind and leader of the terrorist organization as a simple freedom fighter. On the other hand this leftist-leaning lecturer portrays the United States as, a “neocolonial power,” that had to be targeted for its efforts to “prop up” Saudi Arabia. The students learn that the means justify the ends and that innocent-minded Osama Bin Laden had to engage in mass murder of innocent Americans in order to send a message to the, “ corrupt and repressive regime” in Saudi Arabia.

Dangerous rants of a fringe professor could be one way of looking at the effort by Professor Evans to sanitize the recent history of America’s national tragedy. Yet there appears to be more to this professor’s agenda than just showing Osama bin Laden as some shining white knight of Arabia.

The professor spoke to Fox News and use professorial doublespeak to explain how his leftist teachings were not biased. Yet all one has to do is examine some of his actions in the classroom according to one of his students.

Aaron Bandler, who was one of his students, insisted that the professor did in fact demonstrate a bias. “He was encouraging us to be activists… his examples of positive change were all stuff like Occupy Wall Street, the Arab Spring, and raising the minimum wage,” Bandler said, reported Fox News. Yet when the student asked the professor about balance, the liberal lecturer dismissed the idea of discussing the Tea Party.

Unfortunately, students who will be attending college classes like Professor Emmit Evans will have to be proactive in making certain; these professors are not derailing history for the sake of destroying conservative viewpoints or just plain facts.

For the record, Osama bin Laden was a mass murdering terrorist who engineered a massive attack upon the nation and murdered thousands of innocents. But Americans do not need a history book written by Professor Emmit Evans to tell them otherwise.

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