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Was Nene to Blame in the Real Housewives of Atlanta Fist Fight?

Apollo Stomps Out Brandon
Apollo Stomps Out Brandon

It has happened, a fist fight on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. *side-eye* I mean we knew that it was coming, something had to get us BACK into the show. Kim is gone, Nene is boring and Kenya Moore is trying to have a child. Clutch the Pearls. We needed some real drama. Wouldn't you know that the cast member in the middle of the fight was Phaedra Park's ex-convict husband, Apollo Nida? Well it was, he was fighting,

"Like a man in prison fighting for his virginity,"

according to Miss Kenya. Well he has been to prison, shade intended.

We all watched the drama that continued from 2 weeks ago. We were excited to see the outcome and what all of the drama was really all about. Did we find out yet?


But what I can tell you is that Nene Leakes is to blame for the whole fiasco. Nene is the one who set up this wild "Pillow fight talk." event idea.

Like why would you go to an event with some random couples and talk about "how well do you know your mate?" That is positively crazy! Nene was on one (like a Molly) from the beginning of the event and when Kenya Moore walked in, late as all get out and looking amazing with that Stallion Booty to match...I knew that Nene was going to be on a hate mission. Mission accomplished.

Between the drama with Christopher Williams, the fist fight involving Peter and Apollo and finally Cynthia's sister Malorie on a push mission that almost made Kandi go crazy...I find that the single negative spirit among the entire group was evil ass Nene. I have always loved me some Nene...but this was ridiculous. I need Nene to get a better story line, make us give a damn about what she is doing. Because, in case you are reading Nene...we are hating you these days. And what the h*ll happened to old arse Greg during the fight?

The glory of it all is that Nene Leakes wants to tell Kandi that she should apologize and that Kenya is the one who started the whole mess. What?

The seat of all seat takers needs to be Malorie, she doesn't know how to stay out of business that does not concern her.

What say you about Nene, the fight and Apollo's virginity?

Classily Yours,
Sharelle D. Lowery
Tweet me what you think!! @ClassySharelle

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