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Was Michaela Wells abducted?

Sixteen year old Michaela Wells has been missing since 8:30 Sunday evening, when she walked out of her Bellevue, Nebraska home to take out the trash. Authorities don't think there is any reason for concern, but the teen beauty queen's friends and family are shocked by her absence, saying it is completely out of character for her to disappear. "It's not like Michaela to disappear without telling us," said her mother, Theresa Norris. Theresa believes that her daughter not contacting her shows that she has been taken against her will.

Michaela Wells: Have you seen her?

It wouldn't be unheard of for a teenager to disappear for a few days, spending time with friends and doing things teenagers do. But is that the case in this situation? By her actions prior to her disappearance, there seems to be no indication that Michaela had any plans to be gone. She had been shopping with her mother, finding a dress for her next pageant. She was also looking forward to an upcoming dance she had been invited to attend and had made plans with friends that were to occur this week. She was not adequately dressed for the extremely frigid temperatures on Sunday evening. Lastly, she left her cell phone in the house. That may be the most telling clue of all. What teenager doesn't take their phone when they leave the house?

Bellevue police spokeswoman Laurie Synowiecki said, “At this time there is no evidence to indicate Michaela left her residence against her own will or that foul play is involved.” Even so, isn't a missing teenager cause for a little more concern? As Miss Nebraska Teen, she has been in the public eye, participating in beauty pageants. Is it possible that she has attracted someone with sinister intentions? It seems that they have been a bit hasty to give up the search. The first 24-72 hours are the most crucial when you have a missing person, and that time frame will come to an end tonight. Have the Bellevue police really done enough to be sure that something terrible hasn't happened to Michaela?

A news conference has been scheduled for 4:30 pm Wednesday, with the Bellevue police expected to give an update in the case. Is Michaela really fine right now, just taking some time for herself? Or is there a need for more alarm, as there is a child missing? Hopefully there is a positive outcome in this case, as opposed to the many missing people who are just never found.

Michaela is 5'6" tall and weighs 120 pounds. She has brown hair and brown eyes. She was last seen wearing jeans, black slip on pumps, and a black tanktop with a teal overshirt. She was also wearing a long red coat. If you have seen Michaela Wells or have any information about her disappearance, call the Bellevue Police Department at (402)293-3100.

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