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Was Michael Brown shooting justified?

Did Darren Wilson shoot in self defense?
Did Darren Wilson shoot in self defense?
Crime Scene Media;Used with permission

Numerous reports have confirmed that officer Darren Wilson was in fact injured during an altercation that left Michael Brown fatally shot six times. Fox News shared on Wednesday that "top brass" with the Ferguson Police Department have confirmed that Wilson actually did in fact suffer severe injuries -- including to his eye socket. Previously, "rumors" that Wilson's eye socket was damaged had been circulating around the net on blogs and various discussion forums, but was unconfirmed until recently. If all of this is actually true -- and it looks like it is -- it appears that Michael Brown may have viciously attacked the police officer, nearly beating him to death. So with that information being made public, does this mean that Darren Wilson was justified in the shooting of the 18-year-old Ferguson man?

While the streets of Ferguson are still being pounded by the feet of protesters demanding justice, The Governor of Missouri has called for the prosecution of Darren Wilson. Attorney General Eric Holder has also assured that a "fair and thorough" investigation will take place into the shooting death of the 18-year-old man. It's interesting to see the Governor demand prosecution of this officer, even after news of his near-fatal injuries have rippled across the mainstream media, and the internet. This could either mean that there are far more details in this case that the public simply does not know (very likely), or this prosecution is just to show support for a community who is up-in-arms over the death of one of their own. Still, it must be asked: Was Darren Wilson justified in shooting Michael Brown?

This all depends on the standard protocol of the Ferguson Police Department. Is it standard protocol to continue shooting a violent suspect even after he is on his way down or is already on the ground in submission? It is standard protocol to operate as an officer of the law out the opened driver's side window of a police cruiser? These are all questions that will hopefully be answered when this case goes to trial. In the meantime, the residents of this St. Louis suburb simply want justice for Michael Brown.