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Was Kristy Kelley taken by a serial predator?

Where is Kristy Kelley?
Chelsea Hoffman via CrimeSceneMedia.Com 2014

The search for missing woman Kristy Kelley is heating up, along with the speculation surrounding her disappearance. This Monday afternoon report by Huffington Post writer David Lohr repeats an original article posted here on Examiner News about possible connections between her case and the disappearance of Joelle Lockwood. Now police investigators are commenting on the similarities between the two cases, making it impossible not to wonder if there is a serial predator prowling this Indiana region. While these latest developments point to gruesome possibilities, they also display the solid working relationship between social media, crime writers and investigators when it comes to cracking cases and getting down to the bottom of disappearances and unsolved crimes.

This Examiner post went up yesterday, originally pointing out the closeness in geography while calling on investigators to address whether or not any connections are present. Now investigators have considered the possibilities, and there is a list of similarities between the two cases. For starters, both missing women were last seen wearing tank tops and blue jean shorts around the times of their separate disappearances. Both of the women are also mothers of two children each, and both of them are in their late 20s or early 30s. Both women vanished approximately 18 miles apart from one another, and both of their cases are currently active. Sgt. Jason Cullum (Evansville Police Dept.) said the following about any possible connections between the two cases:

"To have someone missing in our area -- two of them active like this at the same time -- is very unusual. [Similarities are] something both agencies have to keep in mind. You don't ever want to rule anything like that out."

Sgt. Cullum was not quick to dismiss the possibility of a serial predator at all, judging by the above quote. In fact, it looks like it's a notion that he (or either investigative department in these two cases) would like to consider. Remember, there are far more unsolved -- and even actively investigated -- cases of missing women in Indiana. These two cases are similar, but this could just be the surface of something far larger or sinister. Are the communities of Evansville and Boonville in any danger if there are connections that can be confirmed?

Meanwhile, the search for Kristy Kelley pushes forward and continues to grow in size. Hopefully some good news comes to those who are looking for answers in this mysterious case.

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