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Was Kendrick Johnson murdered?

Kendrick Johnson was found on January 11, 2013, rolled inside a gym mat in his high school gymnasium. His death was ruled accidental, caused by positional asphyxia. However, his parents wouldn't accept that ruling, saying they believe he was beaten to death and it's being covered up. They hired a second medical examiner, who says the 17-year-old died from non-accidental blunt-force trauma. What really happened to this teen?

Kendrick Johnson was found dead on January 13, 2013.  Was his death a tragic accident or was he murdered?

News of a possible confession was announced earlier this week, which has been deemed not credible by the sheriff's office. It was in the form of an e-mail, which was not the actual confession, but rather third party information, claiming that the sender heard from someone who heard someone had confessed. They did question a few students, who denied any involvement in Kendrick's death.

Is there a cover-up brewing in his murder, as his parents believe, or is this truly just a tragic accident? It does seem that there was some improper evidence collection, as several items were not collected, like a nearby hoodie and pair of shoes. Also, there was blood on another wall, which was determined not to belong to the young man and had been there for some time. However, it seems unlikely that a school would leave blood on a wall in a gymnasium for an extended time.

Kenneth and Jacquelyn Johnson believe their son was murdered and, if they are right, the person responsible for his death should be imprisoned. It seems much of the information leans toward them being right, but the authorities say no, that it was an accident. Surely that doesn't make it any easier for the parents, who likely are looking for someone to blame. Additionally, they are said to be suing the funeral home that handled Kendrick's burial for mishandling his body, specifically removing his internal organs and filling his body cavity with newspaper. The funeral home's owner claims they were not responsible for removing the organs, saying they were discarded by the prosecutor. Does that back up claims of a cover-up?

It seems this nightmare will never end for the Johnsons, as they continue to fight for their son. Hopefully the full story of what happened to Kendrick will come out and the family can start to heal.

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