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Was Jesse Maness murdered?

Jesse Maness
Jesse Maness
Justice for Jesse Facebook Page

Jesse Maness was missing for 6 days before his body was found, thirty feet from the wreckage of his car. His official cause of death has been ruled accidental, but his mother demands further explanation, saying, "I think he was murdered. I know he was murdered."

Jesse, 24, was last seen around 2 am on October 13, 2012. He was sitting inside his car in the parking lot of Compadres Restaurant in Siler City, North Carolina, talking on his cell phone. It appears that he drove his car off the bridge, landing in the shallow creek below. It is further theorized that he then, with a fractured hip, crawled out the window of his 1995 Chevy Corsica losing his pants in the process, only to crawl the distance to where his body was found, drowned in 18 inches of water. This could be what happened.

But Kathy Gaines doesn't believe it. She says that the area where her son was ultimately found was searched several times while he was missing, and his car and remains showed up well after his disappearance. Additionally, the clothes he was wearing when found were not what he had on when he was last seen. "I feel like he was home and dressed for bed and something happened," she said. Finally, she received calls from an anonymous person, telling her where she should look for her son, as well as claiming she was visited by someone who was present for her son's murder, as well as the staging of the "accident."

Is it possible that Jesse Maness was murdered and dumped? Or was it really just a car accident? There certainly are some twists in this case, that could lead a mother's belief to be swayed. Grief is a funny emotion like that. Mrs. Gaines believes that her son's case has been mishandled by law enforcement and that his death is just being swept under the rug, but she refuses to give up, saying, "Our lives can't go on until this is concluded."

Will she ever get the answers she is seeking? Will there be a need for justice and, if so, will it be reached?