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Was Heather Elvis targeted by sex offender?

The search for Myrtle Beach woman Heather Elvis continues, but she still hasn't been found. However, as of Monday, Jan. 6, Nancy Grace has given the case attention -- which means that national attention is sure to follow. With the increased attention on Heather's case, it's hopeful that the search for her will garner more foot traffic, even though over 100 people have participated in searches for the woman over the course of nearly a month! The segment on Nancy Grace's HLN News program covered the basics of Heather's disappearance, but couldn't go further due to a lack of information in her case. It's still fortunate that it aired!

Heather Elvis vanished on Dec. 18, 2013.
Chelsea Hoffman/Heather Elvis/Facebook 2014

With the national media gaining interest in this woman's case, it's important for the investigation to increase in force as well. By the time a month will have passed, there is no telling where this case will be. What is known, however, is that there is no trace of Heather, and her car was abandoned -- which is never, ever, an assuring sign in a missing person's case. This reeks of abduction or foul play -- but who would harm a young beautiful woman like this? Aside from Nancy Grace's interviews with family members, what can be done to find out what happened? For starters, officials could interview any of the area's dangerous sex offenders. In Myrtle Beach alone there are close to 200 registered sex offenders -- some of which are violent.

Heather Elvis worked at two different locations where she served drinks and mingled with members of the public -- both locals and visitors -- on a regular basis. At one of her places of employment her uniform could be considered very provocative, which could have caught the eye of someone with less than reasonable impulse control. A combination of environment, drinking and poor impulse control along with taking the young woman's professional attitude as flirtation could have turned an average bar situation into something more. So this is very much something that officials must consider while interviewing sex offenders and possibly looking at surveillance footage of the areas where she was last seen.

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