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Was God’s Copyright Violated When Chain Store Refused Woman Print Bible Images

Kelly Taylor not allowed to print images of Bible verses by department chainstore
Kelly Taylor not allowed to print images of Bible verses by department chainstore
Photo Credit - Kelly Taylor

Was God’s copyrights violated when chain store refused to print images of bible verses? Sounds more than a bit kooky, but that was exactly the case that Kelly Taylor was confronted with when she attempted to pictures of Bible Scripture printed, according to Fox News. In the last several months there have been cases where store clerks have attempted to make light of the bible by placing ‘fiction’ stickers on it as was the case with a California chain bookstore.

Yet this clearly had to beat that and any other notion when the Walgreen clerk told the 46-year-old Gulfport, Mississippi woman who her request for “her images of Gospel inspiration violated copyright laws,” reported Fox News.

One literally has to step back and take a deep breath to even wonder what could have entered the clerk’s mind on this one, because after all the holder of the copyright on the Bible has to be God himself. And the last time anyone could make a direct face-to-face request of him, he died over 2,000 years ago.

Kelly Taylor was more than a little shocked by the denial and stressed, “I was in total shock; it just dumbfounded me the whole day,” she said. “I feel this is an attack on Christians,” according to Fox News.

The only problem with the denial of Taylor’s request is that copyright law does not apply to the bible, so she should have easily been able to secure the pictures of Bible Scripture and had them printed by the store. Although the Mississippi woman most likely did offer up prayer to the original author of the Bible she also relied upon a direct request to the chain store’s headquarters.

Fortunately for Taylor once Walgreen was contacted by Fox News the waters of copyright confusion were parted and legal and common sense prevailed for her. So with the three-week old biblical battle over and with printed bible verses in hand, Ms Taylor has some words of wisdom to impart to Walgreens, suggesting that she hoped this was a teachable moment for the store chain.

After all, U.S., Copyright law typically covers books for the life of the author, plus 50 years, so all things being equal, the life span of God is eternity and Taylor would still be waiting for the OK.

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