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Was Border Agent Hit By Basketball-Sized Rock Justified in Gunning Down Attacker

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When do Border Agents fight back when being hit repeatedly with large rocks by possible illegal aliens that are trying to hurt, maim or even kill America’s line of defense at the nation’s borders? Tuesday another U.S. Border Patrol agent was attacked by a man who struck him several times in the head and body by large rocks, some being basketball sized reported Fox News.

On Tuesday, the border agent decided that he needed to take decisive action and shot the man who was perched on a hillside in order to prevent further injury, according to Fox News. This debate over use of deadly force by border agents has been heating up since it was revealed recently that some border agents have used deadly force to protect themselves from being incapacitated or worse.

While the agent who was injured by the rock throwing assailant, was released on Tuesday by an area hospital after his minor injuries were treated, questions of just how much force is necessary to prevent injury continues.

There are many illegal alien organizations that have strongly disagreed with the border agent tactics of using deadly force when the illegal aliens are pelting them with large rocks or other objects. The organizational officials from the illegal alien support groups attempt to rationalize border agents’ use of force as a deprivation of the aliens’ rights.

The U.S. Border agents acting in their official capacity to prevent harm to themselves or their fellow agents are the nation’s first defense against criminal illegal aliens who cross into the United States illegally. As a policeman who is being attacked by criminals is asked to cease and desist the illegal aliens are warned.

The shooting of the man occurred five miles east of Paseo de la Fuente and Alta Road in rugged mountain terrain as Border Patrol officers were “chasing a group of suspected illegal aliens making an attempt to cross into the United States from Mexico,” reported Fox News.

As more deadly force is used it may eventually become clear that once a person makes the determination to enter illegally and not stay on their side of the border, America’s border agents will use every possible weapon at their disposal to protect themselves and the sovereignty of the United States… including deadly force. No hand wringing or hand holding tactics allowed

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