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Was Bahia Bisharat kidnapped?

Was Bahia kidnapped?

An attempted abduction in St. Peters, Missouri is strikingly similar to the disappearance of 19-year-old Bahia Bisharat. Another woman, who has similar features and characteristics to Bahia, claims she was accosted at a local Target store by a man with a Spanish accent. She says he approached her as she exited her car, fawning over how pretty she is, saying he just wanted to know her. When she continued walking, he grabbed her and tried to turn her around. She did get away from the man and entered the store. She was escorted back to her car by store security, who watched her drive away.

Does this incident have anything to do with Bahia's disappearance? Friends who last spoke with her claim she was nervous and kept watching the door, which would make sense if someone had approached her in that same way on her way in. Also, that would seem a logical explanation for why her car was unlocked, with her possessions inside, and the keys in the ignition. There has also been several abduction attempts in the area, primarily of children, but still concerning.

It has been nearly a week since Bahia was last seen. In that time, she has missed her graduation from nursing school and her 19th birthday. It doesn't seem like those would be things she would choose to miss. From all accounts, it is completely unlike Bahia to disappear and not contact anyone, but it still could be the case. If you have seen Bahia or have any information about her whereabouts, please call (636) 949-0809 or (314) 326-6393, or 911.

A Facebook page, Find Bahia Bisharat, has been established to bring attention to the teen's disappearance. Hopefully she will turn up, or someone will come forward with useful information. A search has been scheduled for Saturday, March 29, in the area of St. Charles Community College, where she was last seen. Will they find any signs of the lovely young woman?

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