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Was Amanda Brown murdered by her ex-boyfriend?

Justice for Amanda Brown

People close to 30-year-old Amanda Brown say her former boyfriend, a known meth dealer, is almost certainly responsible for her death. She was last seen, with him, on Tuesday, walking away from the homeless shelter where they both frequented. Her body was found late Tuesday evening, by Omaha firefighters, responding to reports of a brush fire.

The name of the man has not been released, as he has not been arrested, named a suspect, or even questioned at this time. In fact, no one has seen or heard from this man since Amanda was last seen. Lila Nelson, who had been a good friend of Amanda's, says she has already given this information to the Omaha police and she begs, "Please get this girl some justice. Amanda deserves it." Court records show that the man does have a violent past, with a previous domestic assault charge, as well as current charges of trespassing and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Lila is obviously devastated by her friends' passing, believing that Amanda was, at last, going to take the steps to get her life back, so she could create a relationship with her two children. Now, it will never be known what she could've done, or been. Maybe she really would've gotten straight and been able to carry on a normal life. Lots of people walking around have been through drug addiction and come out on the right side. It's just a shame that she never got a chance to prove herself.

Hopefully, Omaha PD will find this guy and shed some light onto the investigation. Amanda does deserve justice. And, surely, the whole community would feel safer if he's not just out there, walking around.

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