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Warx2 Raises Supernatual Concerns For Real World Issue

The Stratton Group

WARX2 a new documentary film slated to hit the screens sometime this summer and VOD shortly thereafter, raises the possibility that spiritual forces experienced during warfare may be a significant contributing factor in the high suicide rate of U.S. Veterans.

By exploring the historical use of black magic in warfare by Middle Eastern and African cultures the documentary raises the question of the use of black magic in current regional conflicts and its possible impact on Gulf War veterans.

WARX2 accomplishes its tall task by including interviews with experts in the field, such as John Dimo, a witch doctor from President Obama’s hometown of Kogelo, Thomas Muthee, a Kenyan bishop and pastor, famous for praying over Sarah Palin during her Vice Presidential campaign, soldiers who claim to have experienced with those who spiritual attacks as well as a broad range of interviews with people who claim to have firsthand knowledge of witchcraft, spirits, and ghosts.

Created as an attempt to educate people who are unfamiliar with the use of spiritual warfare WARX2 interviews also include information on how to recognize the issue of a possible spiritual backlash and methods for removing any possible "curse".

The rate of suicide of veterans is highly alarming, claiming the lives of over eight thousand former service people from the Gulf War conflicts. This deadly statistic, certainly points to a need to shift the current paradigm for the treatment of veterans who are asked to adjust to the psychic demands of warfare. Has the time arrived to consider the possibility of this non traditional methodology as a course of treatment?

For additional information and to keep up with the film's schedule, check out their website at

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