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Wart removers catching fire: Flammable wart removers prompt FDA warning

FDA warns of wart remover fires.
FDA warns of wart remover fires.
Wikimedia Commons

Wart removers are flammable and now the FDA is warning folks that they’ve had over a dozen complaints of the wart removers burning people and setting household items on fire. According to Red Orbit on Jan. 17, the FDA claims that these type of things are usually “under reported” and the FDA would like to hear from any consumers who have had this problem with these over-the-counter wart removers.

Since 2009 the FDA has fielded 14 reports of the products starting fires and causing people to suffer burns, singed hair, blisters and skin rashes.

The fires started when the users released the product from its pressurized dispenser. While in three out of the 14 cases a candle was nearby, which could have ignited the fire, nothing was reported present that could have ignited a flame in the majority of the other cases.

The warning label on the over-the-counter wart remover does say flammable. Although the fires that were reported were a little different than a match accidentally catching the flammable liquid on fire. This just burst into a fire when the pressurized product was released.

This distinction between the two has now prompted the FDA to release a warning about the flammable wart removers. The cryogenic wart treatment is the same for all brands, it is not just one brand that could pose this risk.

The wart remover is made of a mixture of liquid dimethyl ether and propane. It removes warts by freezing them off the skin. It is the FDA’s experience that for every fire reported there are more out there that were not reported so they ask that the public report any fires people have experienced when using wart removers.

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