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Warrior talent and stat priority guide for season 15 of 'World of Warcraft'

Wow's next arena season is nearly here
Wow's next arena season is nearly here

Season 15 beings February 25th so its important to know what to expect of your class. This guide will help you prepare your warrior for their upcoming battles and help you know what to expect.


For arena, the only viable spec is Arms. Fury needs to be able to sit on their target for too long to do sufficient damage and does not bring the utility arms can. Protection can be great in Rated Battlegrounds as you can be very disruptive at defending a point and elusive as well as tanky as a flag carrier but also just doesn't have a place in arena.


In the first tree, Double time and Juggernaut are the two main options. Juggernaut is the most popular among highly rated warriors but Double time can be great in certain comps. Double time can help you against elusive targets like hunters and mages as you don’t need to save your charge until after they disengage or blink. The downside being if you use both charges and your target gets away, you have a long time before another charge is up and will likely be stuck doing very little during that time unless you have heroic leap up or can intervene an ally.

In the second tree Second Wind is the only real option. It makes warriors very hard targets to bring down as you can use defensive cool-downs, go into defensive stance, or just put on a shield and tank with the strong regeneration while under 35% health.

The third tree is where you really have a lot of liberty. Now that disrupting shout has been nerfed and shares a 15 second cool-down with pummel, it is only viable to interrupt targets you aren’t attacking. The problem is that it has a 10 yard range which basically makes it a focus target pummel macro. Granted in 5s it could be viable to interrupt multiple people at the same time, the likelihood of multiple people casting within 10 yards of you is pretty low and your chances of catching them during that time is even lower. Staggering shout is a strong ability if you are playing in a comp without an offensive entangle as this will trigger entangle diminishing return, because of this it isn't a great talent while playing with a mage. Piercing howl is likely to become to go to ability here, it helps you close the distance while being pillar kited or your target is just out of reach and can be used to peel for your allies, without getting off your main target, if you are running past an enemy.

For the fourth tree Bladestorm and Shockwave are both viable for arena but Shockwave is likely to be the more popular of the two. Bladestorm is great if your team is made with you being the primary damage. A strong Sweeping Strikes Bladestorm can end a game if your opponents clump to any degree. Pair this with a Death Knight who can grip an opponent into the storm and you are golden. Shockwave is a great ability to lock down multiple opponents and deal a large amount of damage. It shares diminishing returns with stun so if your comp has a lot of stun already, you probably should run Bladestorm unless you feel confident in being able to spread your stuns around.

In the fifth tree the choice is obvious, pick Safeguard. It allows you to break snares and roots and reduce the damage your target takes by 20% for 6 seconds. This makes warriors some of the best peelers in the game as they not only can reduce the damage taken by 20% but get to the target, intercept the next hit and then slow, cc, or put pressure on the target. Mass Spell Reflect is a fun ability and it's possible to make viable in 5v5 and maybe 3v3 but realistically safeguard is likely to be effective in every arena you play, where mass spell reflect will only rarely make an impact.

All three options in this final tree are extremely viable. Avatar makes you break all snares and roots when popping it and increased your raw damage by 20% for the next 24 seconds. This makes you a pretty absurd destructive force. If you are playing in a comp that wants to end the game in an instant this is probably the talent you want. In most standard comps you are going to want to run with Bloodbath or Storm Bolt though. Bloodbath has great synergy with Bladestorm as it increases the damage it puts out, in the form of damage over time, and slows enemies caught in it, making it harder for them to get out. It also is only on a 1 minute cool-down, opposed to Avatar’s 3 minute cool-down. Storm Bolt is just a great ability, decent damage with a 4 second stun makes this ability great offensively and defensively. It can help secure a kill on your target by preventing them from healing or casting defensive abilities, or you can throw it on the healer while you finish off someone else.


Warrior glyphs are very dependent on your play style. The only glyph that is borderline necessary is Heroic Leap's glyph Death From Above, as it simply reduces the cool-down by 15 seconds which is very important in arena. Outside of that glyph it really is up to you to pick the glyphs that work for you. For some help:

  • Bull Rush- if you feel rage starved, especially if you are in defensive stance a lot
  • Blitz- if you are running warbringer and want to stun multiple targets
  • Mortal Strike- if you are having trouble staying alive
  • Enraged Speed- if you are having trouble keeping up with your targets
  • Spell Reflection- if you are good at using Spell Reflect regularly and efficiently

Stat Priority

Hit/Expertise (until they are both capped at 3%) > Critical Strike > Strength > Mastery > PVP Power > Haste

Stat Priority could change with the increase to resilience and how PVP power affects it. For an in depth look at gems, enchants and gear you can check out Arena Junkies and see what the top Warriors in the world are gemming and enchanting, in case things change over the course of the season.

Hopefully this guide has been helpful for you, if you have any personal thoughts or opinions you can put them in the comments below.

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