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Warrior death superseded by controversy

The untimely death of the Ultimate Warrior and the eeriness of how it came after a chilling speech given on Monday Night RAW has all but been overlooked due to the controversy surrounding CNN host Nancy Grace and her coverage of the event.

Ultimate Warrior
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Grace took to the airwaves on her HLN show and blasted the sport of professional wrestling and all those associated with it calling most everyone involved "steroid and drug abusers" going so far as to call the tragic death of Owen Hart, who fell from the rafters at Kemper Arena and broke his neck after hitting he head on the turnbuckle as he fell from 30 feet up, drug related.

Former world champion Diamond Dallas Page was scheduled as a guest on Grace's show and said later he felt "ambushed."

“I was asked to go on her show and talk about Warrior the man. I was even given bullet points from her producers about the topics we would discuss. After seeing the topics which were pretty basic,” DDP said. "However, it’s clear I was ambushed.”

Grace never allowed DDP to talk about Warrior as he knew him and the man he was but instead stayed clearly focused on the steroid issue.

Steroids and professional wrestling have a long history and a number of wrestlers have died prematurely from heart attacks brought on by the use or over-use of steroids and some had other substance abuse issues that contributed to their death.

Fans and wrestlers alike acted swiftly to take action against Grace going so far as to create a petition to have her removed from the air. Grace is known for taking a subject and interjecting her opinion on the matter without having a basic knowledge of the issue at hand nor having the facts to back her individual consensus.

While the Nancy Grace aspect of the death of the Ultimate Warrior is slowly starting to subside the reality of another of wrestling's great stars taking the final ten count is starting to set in for many.

Former champion Boris Zhukov said of the incidents, "I just ache for his family. Just a beautiful wife and daughters and I was just so glad to see Warrior happy. You could just see how much they all loved and adored each other. Then the other night that idiot Nancy Grace, the vulture attacks Warrior and the wrestling business. I just hope and pray she and the other vultures will leave Warrior's wife and children alone. Shame on her."

According to sources the WWE has sent two top level executives to Arizona to help Warrior's widow, Dana, with whatever tasks she may need assistance with from planning the funeral to contacting relatives to day-to-day activities including grocery shopping. The WWE will also have a tribute to the Warrior on Monday Night RAW on April 14, 2014.

The death of The Warrior shocked and saddened fans and the wrestling community alike. Those close to The Warrior said he had been in good spirits of late but yet there was something amiss, he had been getting winded and was moving and acting like a man struggling within himself to figure out what was wrong. Then the eerie speech on RAW had many wondering if The Warrior knew his time on earth was limited.

"Every man's heart one day beats its final beat, his lungs breathe their final breath and if what that man did in his life makes the blood pulse through the body of others and makes them believe deeper in something larger than life, then his essence, his spirit will be immortalized," Warrior stated.

And then...he was gone, back to parts unknown.

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