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Warren Moon scam: $200,000 lost in minority owner scam, 'fictional floor seats'

Warren Moon at the Kentucky Derby
Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

A Warren Moon scam has recently cost the Pro Football Hall of Famer a full $200,000 after being conned into buying what he believed were Miami Heat courtside tickets and partial ownership of the team. A mysterious man named George French Jones allegedly sold sports celebrity Warren Moon “fictional floor seats” and told his agent that he could become a small owner of the Heat. However, MSN Fox Sports reveals this Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014, that all Moon got instead were a bunch of empty words and thousands of dollars stolen out of his account.

The scam involving Warren Moon began with the legendary athlete and Hall of Famer hearing through the grapevine about a gentleman named George French Jones who could allegedly get Moon a major deal on tickets to upcoming Miami Heat games. For the fee of $200,000, Moon was allegedly also told that he could become a 5 percent minority owner of the team as well.

However, Moon unfortunately — and quickly — discovered that this was not the case. After realizing he had been deceived, the former athlete worked with both the Miami Heat and the NBA to contact the FBI directly. They told federal authorities what details they knew about the con itself and the con man, this George French Jones. According to the allegations, Jones had “sold” four fiction seats to Warren Moon for a number of Miami Heat games, and paid the hundreds of thousands in order to become a “small minority owner of the basketball team.”

The investigation report also revealed that this mysterious Jones had also attempted a couple cheats in the past similar to the Warren Moon scam, including trying to get money out of an NFL Pro Bowler and Super Bowl champion Patriot player. It is unclear whether these former endeavors were immediately successful or not.

“Moon's agent was said to have wired $200,000 for the tickets to an account at Academy bank in Pasadena, but then never got the tickets. The official company owned by Warren Moon, Sports 1 Marketing is now suing George French Jones to get his money back, but Jones has since disappeared. He is actively being searched for by the FBI.”

Warren Moon is known as an NFL Hall of Famer, and is serving in his 10th year this 2014 as an official radio analyst for the Seahawks, as well as calling Super Bowl XLVIII this Feb. 2. The investigation into this scam artist trying to get away with his theft of this legendary athlete’s money continues.

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