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Warren G. Harding letters to his mistress to go on display

Warren G. Harding wrote several very graphic letters to his mistress. They have kept them a secret for a long time and now they will be released to the public for everyone to see. On Monday, Fox News shared about these letters that were never meant for the world to see.

This U.S. President wrote over 900 pages worth of letters. They are now going to be available online by The Library of Congress later this month. His family put a 50-year seal on the letters but that is expiring so they will be able to do whatever they want to do with them now.

Warren G. Harding was having an affair with Carrie Phillips. The affair lasted for quite some time but it was all over before he actually became President. These letters are said to be extremely graphic and probably something that he never wanted anyone to see. He would be shocked to hear that everyone is going to be able to read these private letters online.

Huffington Post was able to get their hands on some of the stuff in these letters. He tells Carrie that he loves and adores her in the letters. Here is one part that has been released already, "My Darling. There are no words, at my command, sufficient to say the full extent of my love for you — a mad, tender, devoted, ardent, eager, passion-wild, jealous ... hungry ... love ... It flames like the fire and consumes ... It racks in the tortures of aching hunger, and glows in bliss ineffable — bliss only you can give."

He does talk to her about sex but it is very obvious that it was more than that to him. He did tell her to burn the letters but obviously she never did that to them. Now Warren G. Harding would really wish that she would have listened to him on this one.

These letters were actually found at the home of Phillips after she passed away. She had kept them and didn't say that she wanted them released either since they were not found until after her passing. He was not happy in his marriage and the letters explain all of that to the world.

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